Cold to chest infection to….

Getting a cold to many is an inconvenience. To a severe asthmatic getting a cold fills you with dread because generally our lungs are fantastic hosts to cold bugs leaving us with rip roaring chest infections. During the winter months you cant avoid the common cold, well you could but that would mean you become… Continue reading Cold to chest infection to….

Back feeling confident

After a good few days feeling totally down in the dumps, sorry for myself and thinking the light that was at the end of the tunnel had totally gone out I am feeling more confident and the light is coming back and I don't think all the hard work I have put in get better… Continue reading Back feeling confident

Cards written and sent, presents wrapped and…

repeat prescription ordered as well as any added extras you might need over the Festive period. It is this time of year your routine gets thrown out of whack. I find my repeat prescription is done every 2 months but normally at the start of the come Christmastime and New Year I need to… Continue reading Cards written and sent, presents wrapped and…

Taking action- when, what and why??

When illness strikes it is never at a time that suits you. It can't be scheduled into your diary when you have a few days off. In fact quite the opposite- things normally happen when you have loads of stuff on and events you are looking forward to!! This is what is happening right now!!… Continue reading Taking action- when, what and why??