Taking action- when, what and why??

When illness strikes it is never at a time that suits you. It can’t be scheduled into your diary when you have a few days off. In fact quite the opposite- things normally happen when you have loads of stuff on and events you are looking forward to!!

This is what is happening right now!!

Of course Christmas is fast approaching and so are all the Christmas meals and drinks parties etc but with this comes changes in weather, the cold and flu season, basically a really rubbish time when your asthmatic.

For the past two weeks I have been battling a chest infection which is not totally flooring me but just there all the time grumbling away in that really annoying way. It started off first with my sinuses and I noticed a drop in peak flow. At this stage I would not really worry previously but given past experience I have been wrong. So in my eyes I overreacted at first and put my pred up straight away and started my emergency antibiotics. One course of antibiotics down and almost finishing the second I now have a well established chest infection and feeling a bit rotten. I did the right thing by over reacting. I would hate to think where this infection would have ended had I not acted and recognise as I did.

As part of having difficult to control/ brittle asthma I have an emergency pack at home. This includes a pack of prednisilone of 40mg for 7 days, antibiotics and extra nebs including saline nebs to help clear the mucus which builds up. By having this pack at home I can start treatment at first sign of an infection when it is not always possible to see my own GP or the on call Dr. For me now there is no point in delaying. I am far better to over medicate and be safe than wait to see a Dr because the infection could take hold and cause my asthma to get even more uncontrolled and risk exacerbation.

I am hoping that this will all clear. I have both my work and my lacrosse teams Christmas meals at the weekend and I desperately want to be well for them. I would hate to have to miss them. I also have an appointment with my consultant on Wednesday so only 2 days which will be good as I feel I could really do with seeing him. I can’t put my finger on it but my chest is just not right. I am not meaning this infection but the last few months I have been a lot more symptomatic and using a lot more reliever medication and also pain relief which concerns me. I don’t want to just function. I want to live again. I hope that seeing him and having a good appointment I can get back on top, take control and really enjoy 2015 and achieve all those things I have not managed to once again because I have not had the health I want.

con appointment!!!

Today I had my consultants appointment. It wasn’t entirely productive in some aspects but pretty good in others. It started off with weigh in and i have lost weight again bringing my BMI down to 18 now. I have been trying hard to keep my weight up but have been trying to be quite healthy too and don’t think I have got the balance quite right so far.Will need to put a bit more effort in.

Had lung function in their fancy new machine. Its not like the old vitelograph one with the pencil that goes and it goes along as you breathe. It is a fancy one and it is tiny. Each blow comes up in a different coloured line which is pretty cool. It also works all the %’s out for you too. I have used spirometry machines before that are different but it is mainly in peads where you have to try and blow out candles. I guess it makes it easier for kids to understand what to do! So my lung function has decreased a bit. I kind of expected that as my peak flows have been lower and I have been more symptomatic recently I think just doing more than I was before.

But anyway I saw my con and didn’t have to wait any time at all. I normally wait for a while so i came prepared with my i pod and a film on it. But i hardly had to watch any of it. I was seen bang on time!!! It went ok. We are trying to sort something out for the night so just now my theo has been increased at night in the hope it makes the nights a bit easier. Otherwise not much has changed and we not said much else. There was other stuff I wanted to talk to him about but I just never got round to it. I think i will need to go and see my GP to try and sort things out a wee bit.

I dont got back for another few months which is good. Feel a bit lost still with  the whole asthma stuff just now.

Cons appt

I had my cons appointment yesterday morning. Which I was really dreading. Normally I don’t really mind going but the last few times I have gone I have had to do lung function (well I do this every time) but the results have shown a decline in my lung function even though I am trying my hardest to get a decent result. They do increase however after having ventolin which is a good thing- otherwise I would be a bit worried!

I didn’t need to be worried this time. Although my lung function is not back to where is was before it started declining it has increase a whopping 2%!!!!! The lady in lung function is hilarious and we always have a chat when I go in. She was telling me how she has to test the machine each morning and does her lung function and she feels light headed after doing it!!! I told her I was glad she had to do it coz I hate doing it and she makes me do it all the time and just laughs when I complain about it but if she has to do it then she knows what its like which isn’t so bad!!!

My con was great when I saw him. I have been having a few issues lately and been very stressed which has been making my asthma control and night non existent. He needs me to monitor my peak flow during the night when I wake up with symptoms. I will need to remember to do it. I get so grumpy at night when I wake up. There were other things I wanted to talk to him about but he had a medical student in with him and I didn’t feel comfortable. But I felt it could wait as I see him on a monthly basis anyway.

Other news. I got a bus pass yesterday which was just confusing for me. There were so many options and things I found it all a bit odd and I felt so hassled etc in the shop that when my photo was taken for my card I just look confused in my picture and have an awesome coin slot for my mouth!!! I normally ahve a kind of I will hop ont he first bus that comes and hop it gets me to the right place policy rather than waiting for a direct bus. This does mean sometimes I ge ton really random buses but it keeps life exciting.

Today I need to go and get some books from the book shop and have to clean my golf clubs. I have a few competitions coming up and really should clean my clubs as they are filthy and think they have enough mud on them to cover a golf course!!!