con appointment!!!

Today I had my consultants appointment. It wasn’t entirely productive in some aspects but pretty good in others. It started off with weigh in and i have lost weight again bringing my BMI down to 18 now. I have been trying hard to keep my weight up but have been trying to be quite healthy too and don’t think I have got the balance quite right so far.Will need to put a bit more effort in.

Had lung function in their fancy new machine. Its not like the old vitelograph one with the pencil that goes and it goes along as you breathe. It is a fancy one and it is tiny. Each blow comes up in a different coloured line which is pretty cool. It also works all the %’s out for you too. I have used spirometry machines before that are different but it is mainly in peads where you have to try and blow out candles. I guess it makes it easier for kids to understand what to do! So my lung function has decreased a bit. I kind of expected that as my peak flows have been lower and I have been more symptomatic recently I think just doing more than I was before.

But anyway I saw my con and didn’t have to wait any time at all. I normally wait for a while so i came prepared with my i pod and a film on it. But i hardly had to watch any of it. I was seen bang on time!!! It went ok. We are trying to sort something out for the night so just now my theo has been increased at night in the hope it makes the nights a bit easier. Otherwise not much has changed and we not said much else. There was other stuff I wanted to talk to him about but I just never got round to it. I think i will need to go and see my GP to try and sort things out a wee bit.

I dont got back for another few months which is good. Feel a bit lost still with  the whole asthma stuff just now.

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