1st Year in 1 year!!!

Yesterday i complete first year of my nursing course and managed to do it in one year!!! The last few years have been really tricky and I have had to complete my courses for each year over two years instead of one year so to be able to stay with my peers is such a boost for me. I am over the moon. I have had an awesome year. It has had its up and downs as to be expected but it has gone so much smoother than I thought it would have gone. I have made some great friends and my placements have all been brilliant.

I now face second year which everyone seems to stay is so hard and it really steps up a gear so I will need to start working and really dedicate proper study time to it and not jsut try and slot it in around golf and work. golf and work will need to fit in around studying I think.

I have leant so much about myself this year as well. I was very low in confidence before I went back to uni to start my nursing. I think mainly because to me I had failed in my sports. My asthma had one and I found this hard to deal with. I was scared that once again my asthma would win and it would prevent me from completing my course and becoming a registered nurse. It hasn’t. I have made a conscious effort to be more open about my health to people and not just to my online community and also accept when I need help and when I need to take time out and just gather myself and then get back to it. This has made a big difference although I am still trying to get to grips with sometimes just blanking a day in my diary to do nothing…I am not very good at the doing nothing part but I will get there.

I still have my bad days with my chest but thankfully they are becoming more manageable as I listen to my body more. I still have a lot of issues to sort out with my consultant but there is part of me that seems to get scared when i go to see him and just don’t talk about a lot of it. Mainly because I am fed up of going back and forth to the hospital and kind of hope that if I say I am fine he will just discharge me from his care- although this is a long shot and I know that this will not happen any time soon if at all!!!! I have my con on Monday and have a few issues i need to discuss but am tempted to go and see my GP with them as I am not sure if they are asthma linked or not. I keep fainting a lot and not sure why. I am not one to faint and never really get headaches but recently I have been getting a lot of headaches and fainting about 9 times in the past few months which is freaking me out a little bit. I am wondering if it is my new meds or what. We will see what Monday brings.

In the mean time I am on the golf course tomorrow!!!! who would have guessed the first free day I have and I go to play golf!!!!!

2 thoughts on “1st Year in 1 year!!!”

  1. So glad to hear you’re so excited about school, I love it! And glad to hear your lungs are being troopers for you too!

    Def get the fainting thing checked out SOON–I hope everything’s okay <3.

  2. Hey Olivia, congrats on getting through the first year!! I agree that the second year is much harder work, but I’m sure that you’ll manage 🙂
    I hope the headaches and fainting get sorted out easily for you.

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