Nothing to worry about

So anyone who speaks to me over msn or follows me on twitter will ahve seen the past few days I ahve been moaning about my chest. I dont liek moaning and I think my good friend Simi got the brunt but as usual she was great and cheered me up and we always have a giggle. But now things seemed to ahve settled. I took the sensible option of staying in bed for a few days and jsut resting and watching DVD’s.  But it has paid off. I am doing much better today. My chest still feels a bit tight but not nearly as bad as it was and much less wheezy. I have been out to see my grandpa and my granny and really feel pretty good. I was getting scared I would end up needing to go to hospital and was terrified Iwould miss my last week of placement.

But by using my head and actually resting and being a real lay about I have got over what evwer was going on and feel alot better and will be able to go to my last three shifts at work. I finish my placement on Friday. I am kinda excited and sad at the same time. I have loved this placement but also looking forward to going back to lectures as this means I will be in 2nd year and one step closer to qualifiing!

I have a bnusy few days a head. I finsh placement the work a short shift ont he saturday and its my dads bnirthday and then sunday I am playing golf in my last medal i think of the season and then the monday I am seeing my consultant!!!! But come the tuesday I will flop I reckon!

Will need to remember to do my 12 of 12 ina  few days!!!

3 thoughts on “Nothing to worry about”

  1. I’ve meant to ask for awhile now, but what exactly is placement? I have a vague idea, but it’d help me if I knew for sure what you’re talking about.

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Sounds like a busy week you’ve got ahead of you.

    1. hey, placement is what I have at uni. I have 3 months of lectures then am placed in different wards or different healthcare settings to gain experience of what iot is like to be nursing. I have three different placements a year for about 6 weeks each. does that make sense?

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