I knew this time would come

I have a cold. I have been so good and not had a cold for quite a while. I am pretty sure it is a cold and not hayfever as the pollen count in our area is pretty low jsut now and I feel pretty miserable.

I guess I have done pretty well. But then I did think it was too good to last. I got through the whole of placement with no cold and not picking up anything.

As a precaution I have increased my meds in the hope that the cold wont go to my chest as it normally does. But there is hope. I recently read about a new inhaler which is currently being trialled in England which may help people who have asthma and help their control when they get a cold. I really hope it gets licensed as my asthma always get more out of control when I get a cold and it just goes straight for my chest.

I only have three more shifts left of placement and then that is me. I will have finished first year.

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