Cons appt

I had my cons appointment yesterday morning. Which I was really dreading. Normally I don’t really mind going but the last few times I have gone I have had to do lung function (well I do this every time) but the results have shown a decline in my lung function even though I am trying my hardest to get a decent result. They do increase however after having ventolin which is a good thing- otherwise I would be a bit worried!

I didn’t need to be worried this time. Although my lung function is not back to where is was before it started declining it has increase a whopping 2%!!!!! The lady in lung function is hilarious and we always have a chat when I go in. She was telling me how she has to test the machine each morning and does her lung function and she feels light headed after doing it!!! I told her I was glad she had to do it coz I hate doing it and she makes me do it all the time and just laughs when I complain about it but if she has to do it then she knows what its like which isn’t so bad!!!

My con was great when I saw him. I have been having a few issues lately and been very stressed which has been making my asthma control and night non existent. He needs me to monitor my peak flow during the night when I wake up with symptoms. I will need to remember to do it. I get so grumpy at night when I wake up. There were other things I wanted to talk to him about but he had a medical student in with him and I didn’t feel comfortable. But I felt it could wait as I see him on a monthly basis anyway.

Other news. I got a bus pass yesterday which was just confusing for me. There were so many options and things I found it all a bit odd and I felt so hassled etc in the shop that when my photo was taken for my card I just look confused in my picture and have an awesome coin slot for my mouth!!! I normally ahve a kind of I will hop ont he first bus that comes and hop it gets me to the right place policy rather than waiting for a direct bus. This does mean sometimes I ge ton really random buses but it keeps life exciting.

Today I need to go and get some books from the book shop and have to clean my golf clubs. I have a few competitions coming up and really should clean my clubs as they are filthy and think they have enough mud on them to cover a golf course!!!

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