Those dam wisdom teeth!!!

I had so many plans for last week which had to be cancelled. My wisdom teeth decided to erupt through. They have been  grumbling away for a while and are impacted so get infected periodically. It is only my two lower teeth that get bothered. Anyway once again they got infected and hurt like no ones business. This is like the sixth or seventh time they have got like this. As I don’t yet have a dentist here I had to go to the Dr to get some antibiotics then went to the Dental hospital to get them flushed out. This was all on Thursday. I am hoping they settle down soon as they are still killing me. I have some hefty antibiotics but I am not sure about if they are working because I take the same antibiotics so much for chest infections. I have an appointment to see a dentist on Wednesday to discuss getting my teeth taken out. I have a few decisions to make about then though. I dont tolerate work done on my teeth very well. I had a tooth knocked out playing hockey a while ago and needed the tooth repaired. What would normally take about 40 mins had to be split across 4 sittings as I cant stay lying back for long but also cant breathe out my nose. So I need to think about having them taken  out my general anaesthetic. Which although is risky I would kind of prefer but then I need to think about what is best for my chest.  So I guess Wednesday will show all.

I did manage to play golf on the Wednesday night though but it hurt when I had to eat the dinner. I didnt win my match either. But I was playing someone who was playing four shots lower than mine!

So the past few days I have just been zoned out on painkillers and antibiotics. I find my ears and head are really sore too as the pain from my teeth radiates up the nerve I think. I have just been spaced out on the sofa watching a lot of DVD’s and sleeping lots. I always know when I am under the weather because I sleep. I dont normally sleep much but I just dose off all the time just now.

Lets just hope it all settles down soon as I start my new placement on Monday and cant take the day off or have this pain!

2 thoughts on “Those dam wisdom teeth!!!”

  1. Feel better, Olive! Good luck with the new placement, and I hope things are better by then 🙂

    1. Hey,
      it will get better its just getting the inflammation down and not being able to take NSAIDS it good old paracetamol as I don’t want to risk taking codiene as it makes my chest a bit grumbly sometimes. You all ready for World Asthma Day??? WE have a whole week here for it. The putting asthma in the limelight campaign started today!!!!

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