This time last year

I was jsut contemplating life as you do on a sunday afternoon when I thought back to where I was a year ago today. Although I didnt share it in my blog I was struggling emotionally with my asthma. I had jsut moved back home after having to leave university and accept that my asthma was not as good as I would like to think it is.

I remember feeling humiliated when I was having to use a golf buggy to help me round the golf course and would need at least 5 nebs to get me through it. I didnt have a job and really didnt know what I was going to do as my life jsut seemed to be turned upside down. Before my asthma got bad all my life was was sport. I lived sport ate sport and breathed sport. It was all I knew how to do.

It was about may time that I looked into doing nursing as I had spent so much time in hospital I thought I could put what I had seen to good use and also my interest in respiratory diseases and research.

I think last years putting asthma in the limelight week really helped me and showed me that jsut because I ahd asthma and was now prevented from doing sport that it didnt have to be the end of my life. It was jsut the beginning of the next chapter. And I have to say that despite all the close calls and hospital admissions and the stress I put my family and friends through with being ill it was worth it as I love my life. I may not be doing what i ahd dreamt about but now this dream I have is far bigger and better than playing sport for my career.

Playing sport was only benefitting myself. Noone else benefited out of me playing sport whereas now I am able to give something back as care for people. I can watch them get beter from illness or make people comfortable who may not be able to get better and who are in the last stages of their life. I love what I do and if I was to say when I was at school if I ever thoguht I would be a nurse I would have to say NO. It was last on my list of things to do. I dont know why but I think my life experiences have taken me down a path and I have been taken on this path for a reason.

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