Tomorrow is world asthma day and in the UK we are well into putting asthma in the limelight. I thought I would share the things I am doing for each events but also what asthma means to me.

Below are a selection of pictures of the stuff I ahve from asthma UK to use throughout the week promoting asthma and raising awareness. I chose to focus my efforts on school children so I am going into an after school club I used to work for and will be giving the kids some fun stuff such as the ribbon and stickers and balloons (I jsut need to egt them to blow them up!!!) On a more serious side though I will do a littrle session with them about inhalers and what to do in case of an asthma attack and will see how many kids have asthma etc.

For the parents I have more serious stuff and will be about for them to ask me questions. I have information books about what asthma is and how asthma may effect a child and also the after care of an attack as it can be physcoloically very difficult for a child to deal with any sort of asthma attack.

I will also give the parents an asthma attack card to personalise for their child and for their child to carry about with them so they can have that bit extra security that if their child were to ahve an asthma attack then all the child has to do is show the card and it will give instructions on what to do and in what order etc.

Of course throughout all this week I will be wearing my lime green asthma UK t shirt. I know some of my friends over the pond will be wearing grey for world asthma day but as I ahve my asthma UK t shirt I will be wearing it (although will need to change out of it while I am in my uniform on shift at the hospital!!!)

For me I am kinda of proud to have asthma and thankful for asthma. Although it can be an utter pain in the neck at times. I think I wouldnt be doing all this stuff if i didnt have asthma and I would know half the people I do know if I had normal lungs. Althoughy during an attack I hate asthma with a vengence and yes all the drugs are a pain and probably not great for my body in the long run but it is worth it.

The list is endless of things I wouldnt have done had I not had asthma but here are my top ten!!!!

1) Become a nurse!!!!

2) Been part of the cross party group meeting for Asthma at the Scottish Parliament

3) Runt he Edinburgh relay marathon

4) Been student development officer of Winchester student Union

5) Had this blog

6) Met some great friends!!!

7) Moved back to my home town!!!

8) Volunteered like I do for Asthma UK

9) Played golf for my Club team

10) Valued every day as you never know when it will be your last.

6 thoughts on “WORLD ASTHMA DAY”

  1. Love it! Y’think you could convince asthma UK to send me a shirt over here? ;-).
    Good luck tomorrow, and have fun! It sounds kinda similar to what I do with the grade 11s I teach (although my lecture is more formal-ish lol)

    1. Hey will see what I can do. I cant guarantee but I will try for you. You will need to send me your mailing address!!!! Email me it or something!!!! x

    2. Do some fundraising for asthma uk! (ok that would be wierd in canada, but hey I’m fundraising for them in The Netherlands!).

      When I set up my fundraising page for my walk (to be published tonight, hopefully!) I got an email from AsthmaUK the same day wanting my address so they could send a pack out, including free t-shirt. I’m seriously impressed by their organization!

    1. It sure is. You never know whats gonna happen. It may not even be asthma related anything can hit you at any time so I jsut try and live life to the full as best I can. As I am going through my nurse training I am learning that more and more after some of the patients I have come across. Life can take a dam cruel turn.
      Hope you had a good WAD!!!! x

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