Things people search for.

I was bored last night when not sleeping and was fiddling around on my blog and found a bit where it shows me what people have searched for when reading my blog. there was alot of references of getting tired and wheezy with asthma so i thought I would try and answer that search with my interpretation of why I get tired and wheezy with my asthma.

I think for me there are complicating factors of why I get tired but also it is kind of a vicious cycle that needs to be broken but trying to break it seems impossible.

My asthma control is getting better but still pretty poor and I know I am some what responsible for it but also it is just hard to manage. My nocturnal symptoms are probably the worst part for my just now. I spend most of my nights awake coughing and wheezing feeling very short of breath. This makes me anxious which in turn makes me more wheezy and therefore I don’t sleep. I know that i would be able to sleep if I didnt get so anxious but I wouldnt get so anxious if I didnt get wheezy and have bad symptoms at night.

So the night kind of impacts into the day. My sleepless nights and what to me feels like a battle on occasion and probably having to work harder than I would in a gym effect my energy throughout the day. I have had sleep studies done and they do so a decline in my lung function and oxygen saturation at night but not to warrant the need for help overnight.

I did look back over some hospital letters I have and it stated that even when I was on Bipap in hospital once i deteriorated at night and picked up during the day and this was even with extra support so I am seeing that my asthma just does not like nights.

I also know that because I push myself during the day this makes me tired and a bit chesty which I never really recover from because I don’t rest at night.

The  Dr’s had a thought that if I took my prednisilone at night it may help however as pred makes me slightly hyper and gives me insomnia that was just a no go. It was a nice thought though if it had worked!!!

I am starting to worry about my course though. Next year we have to do night shifts and I am worried about how I will cope because my asthma is such a nightmare during the night. There is also the question about what I do with my meds. I think I need to sit down and have a chat with my Dr about it.

This is just my perception of why I get so tired and things. It may not be accurate and others may ahve different things as to why they are tired but I think the overall effort of having to breath is greater which leads to complications and has knock on effects to other areas of my life such as sleep!

2 thoughts on “Things people search for.”

  1. When you say “chesty” what do you mean by it? I’ve heard someone else say this, but other than that guy, you’re the only one… and I’m kind of confused what you mean by this.

    1. I cant really be specific but to me I say I am chesty when I am feeling very symptomatic…mainly when I have a chest infection brewing as I get sort of crackles in my chest. I think generally the term chesty is when you are aware of your chest and feeling symptomatic.

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