Cold to chest infection to….

Getting a cold to many is an inconvenience. To a severe asthmatic getting a cold fills you with dread because generally our lungs are fantastic hosts to cold bugs leaving us with rip roaring chest infections.

During the winter months you cant avoid the common cold, well you could but that would mean you become a hermit and prisoner in your own home. Im not going to do that. I like being out and about too much.

The last two weeks have been pretty hard work. I picked up a common cold which filled me with dread. I think it filled my mum with dread as well especially as she was going away and this is the first time I have picked anything since that last horrific attack.

As with most asthmatics despite my best efforts it went to my chest. I had a great chest infection with an impressive cough that drove me round the bend. Even Ghillie was getting irritated with my constant coughing.

I wish I could say I dealt with this infection well but it has filled me with anxiety and I have not managed it as well as perhaps I may have in the past. I knew the first bout of illness post last attack was going to be hard. I had a fear that I would end up on that slippery slope back down to needing a ventilator. Extreme I know but could potentially be a possibility.

Thankfully staying in touch with my team I was able to keep it at bay and not get too bad. My peak flow has dropped significantly but the antibiotics and increase in steroids have helped bring it back up along with a lot of i still have this irrational fear that really hits me at night that my infection may not be better and I am missing something. Morning comes round and I think I am so silly for getting in such a state about it.

I have been doing less than I would normally do while I have had the infection. Mainly because I have been terrified of making my chest kick off. It has been a strange time because I thought I would be able to write some blog posts, do some other research stuff but I just have not had the imagination or concentration (lack of concentration is something I have been struggling a lot with post ICU).

I am also very happy that I have had my flu jab so my chances of getting flu are reduced. I would urge everyone to get it that can get it!

The good thing is, the infection is clearing well and my asthma has not kicked off too much. Ghillie of course has been very attentive and by my side all the time!


Brittle Asthma is brittle for a reason.

I done a lot of blogging recently but it is because I feel things that have been happening are important to understand what it is really like living with difficult to control (brittle) asthma.

Last week I have had such a good week and been on a high with the amount I can do and not really given anything much thought. Life felt good which in a way made me feel invincible and on top of my asthma. So about 10pm on Friday night it felt like I crashed down to Earth with a massive bang. I was watching the Rugby World Cup at my friends house. There is a bunch of us who love rugby so we got together to watch the opening ceremony and first game. I felt good when I walked down to my mates house but as the rugby ended I felt really odd. I had a small gin and tonic but didnt finish it so it was not an odd feeling due to alcohol. I had this pressure in my head and my chest felt really tight. I decided to go home. A walk which normally takes me 20 minutes took me almost an hour. I had to keep stopping to catch my breath. It was horrible. I fell into bed.

I guess thats what brittle asthma truly is. Even when well you still have difficult to control asthma which can swing in all different directions at the drop of a hat. It must always be remembered and respected so that asthma does not win the battle and I win the battle for control and good health.

Today I have felt horrible. My head has been pounding with pressure in my sinuses and a hacking cough. A full on cold has hit me hard and flattened me. Constant sneezing and coughing has left my chest in agony and making everything even more difficult. I do feel that because I felt so well in the lead up to this a cold hitting me has hit me harder than normal as the drop from good health to being unwell has been much greater than before when I was not so stable and always a bit symptomatic so a cold was not that big a deal as day to day living was trickier than before.

Today has been a haze of sleeping, coughing and just feeling rubbish and sorry for myself. I really hope I can break the back of this tonight and feel better tomorrow. I feels deflating to know I was feeling so good and then dropping to not feeling great. I know it was not going to last forever feeling so good as no one can avoid colds and bugs going around at this time of year but I did not expect to feel so rubbish so quickly and so physically weak in such a short space of time.

Trying to take the positives out of it. At least I have a good excuse for staying on the sofa doing nothing but watching the rugby and golf! Fingers crossed for feeling better tomorrow!