Brittle Asthma is brittle for a reason.

I done a lot of blogging recently but it is because I feel things that have been happening are important to understand what it is really like living with difficult to control (brittle) asthma.

Last week I have had such a good week and been on a high with the amount I can do and not really given anything much thought. Life felt good which in a way made me feel invincible and on top of my asthma. So about 10pm on Friday night it felt like I crashed down to Earth with a massive bang. I was watching the Rugby World Cup at my friends house. There is a bunch of us who love rugby so we got together to watch the opening ceremony and first game. I felt good when I walked down to my mates house but as the rugby ended I felt really odd. I had a small gin and tonic but didnt finish it so it was not an odd feeling due to alcohol. I had this pressure in my head and my chest felt really tight. I decided to go home. A walk which normally takes me 20 minutes took me almost an hour. I had to keep stopping to catch my breath. It was horrible. I fell into bed.

I guess thats what brittle asthma truly is. Even when well you still have difficult to control asthma which can swing in all different directions at the drop of a hat. It must always be remembered and respected so that asthma does not win the battle and I win the battle for control and good health.

Today I have felt horrible. My head has been pounding with pressure in my sinuses and a hacking cough. A full on cold has hit me hard and flattened me. Constant sneezing and coughing has left my chest in agony and making everything even more difficult. I do feel that because I felt so well in the lead up to this a cold hitting me has hit me harder than normal as the drop from good health to being unwell has been much greater than before when I was not so stable and always a bit symptomatic so a cold was not that big a deal as day to day living was trickier than before.

Today has been a haze of sleeping, coughing and just feeling rubbish and sorry for myself. I really hope I can break the back of this tonight and feel better tomorrow. I feels deflating to know I was feeling so good and then dropping to not feeling great. I know it was not going to last forever feeling so good as no one can avoid colds and bugs going around at this time of year but I did not expect to feel so rubbish so quickly and so physically weak in such a short space of time.

Trying to take the positives out of it. At least I have a good excuse for staying on the sofa doing nothing but watching the rugby and golf! Fingers crossed for feeling better tomorrow!

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