What is PPI?

In my blog I have spoken a lot about PPI or Patient and Public Involvement but what does it mean? When hearing the term PPI (apologies for the big assumption) most people will automatically think ‚Äúpayment protection insurance". I must admit I first thought this when I first heard the term PPI. You hear and… Continue reading What is PPI?


I still pinch myself as I can't believe I am involved in such a fantastic research centre. AUKCAR is a unique virtual centre incorporating 13 institutes which all have teams of dedicated researchers wanting to make the lives of people with asthma better by addressing three key areas: encourage good asthma control, maximise treatment benefits,… Continue reading AUKCAR PPI update

Trying to a describe a pain you never imagined having.

The last few weeks have been a bit rocky to say the least. I have had a head cold for about three weeks which I thought was finally clearing but the clearing of my head cold was actually it moving south and going into my chest. I guess it was Thursday last week I really… Continue reading Trying to a describe a pain you never imagined having.