Pain Management

For a number of years now I have struggled with pain in my chest from the years of severe asthma which has led to scarring mainly on my left side. There has been scarring building up in the pleural space and makes each breath feel like my lung is rubbing against my chest wall. You… Continue reading Pain Management

Chronic Pain with Chronic Illness

I get my medication each week in a dosette box made up by my local pharmacist. I take so many medications that when I am not well I find it hard to work out what I have taken and what I still need to take. I now don't need to think about what I take,… Continue reading Chronic Pain with Chronic Illness

Trying to a describe a pain you never imagined having.

The last few weeks have been a bit rocky to say the least. I have had a head cold for about three weeks which I thought was finally clearing but the clearing of my head cold was actually it moving south and going into my chest. I guess it was Thursday last week I really… Continue reading Trying to a describe a pain you never imagined having.