This past week has left me dwelling on a lot of different issues. So many different things happened this week all culminating in me really questioning my future. Each of the different events all happened and occurred separately and all from different aspects of life. The start of the week/ end of the previous week… Continue reading Preparing

Sometimes the hardest pill to swallow is the smallest

  The picture on the left is all the tablets I take first thing in the morning when I get up. Other than the prednisilone the next smallest is the tablet pictured on the right. Its my Theophylline. At one point about 8 years ago I thought this was my wonder drug. I had a… Continue reading Sometimes the hardest pill to swallow is the smallest

Flashbacks of asthma attacks.

Recently I have found most nights I wake myself up having had a nightmare about previous asthma attacks. Nightmare might be the wrong word to use but then flashback is not quite right either. I recollect so vividly some of the scariest asthma attacks I have had. Many of which I have never really remembered… Continue reading Flashbacks of asthma attacks.

Botched asthma diagnosis…

Nothing like the sun newspaper to come up with a good headline:   I may not be totally accurate in my view that for a long time asthma was a bit of a buzz word within the medical world. From reading and talking to different people it appeared that often people would go to their… Continue reading Botched asthma diagnosis…