This is really just a post to get something off my chest. I am getting so irritated by people who say they can’t work because their asthma is too severe. I understand that some can’t work because of this and due to complications of medication such as osteoporosis.

Recently I had someone message me about this and tell me my asthma can’t be as bad as I make out because I still work. Little do they know how hard I fight to continue working. I have a fantastic boss who is really accommodating and I know if I had any other boss I would not still have a job.

The main thing that got to me is the was the huge assumption they made without actually asking me. I have been forced to move consultant to try and get the best care I can for my condition and try and maximise my time out of hospital. I really hated leaving my old consultant as she was great but I was just not managing to get anywhere to extend the length of time I was spending out of hospital between attacks.

I mention about being seen at a tertiary centre for difficult asthma but they had not. IF your asthma is so severe you will do anything to try and get it under control and will travel any length to do this. I don’t think people realise just how debilitating it can be but as debilitating as it can be it can be life changing to the positive. I have done so many things I would never have done had I not had severe asthma. I get frustrated seeing people wallow in self pity all the time about how hard they have it. We all have moments of self pity but using them and working out why you feel down can make changes and help understand your condition more.

Stay positive to stay strong.

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