Continuation from Flashbacks

In my previous post I commented that 4 of the worst asthma attacks I have had keep haunting me. I went into detail about two of them.

This third attack that haunts me is not so much the asthma attack but the after effects of it. I was taken into hospital and subsequently moved from the resus room up to Intensive Care. I was taken into a side room because there was a thought I may have had swine flu (H1N1) thankfully I did not but I did have flu. The main thing that haunts me is the protective clothing and masks anyone who came into my room had to wear. I keep picturing bio hazard suits. The protective stuff was not this but masks, visors, surgical gowns and gloves. Lying in a bed in a slightly hypoxic state with weird people dressed up coming towards you is not the most reassuring thing. I also had no idea who was who as they were all covered up. With this it is not the asthma itself but everything that went with it!!

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