Remembering Dawn

The truly horrific reality of asthma can be seen at first hand here. Today is Dawn’s birthday but she is not here to share it with all who love her. Instead she is watching on from above after the consequences of asthma took her away from here far far to early.

I never got the opportunity to meet Dawn in person but we spoke often after both of us being part of the Asthma UK forum. We could talk about anything and everything. She had such a positive outlook on life and with her words of encouragement and support you could end up turning a bad situation into something more positive after a chat with Dawn.

For me the biggest impact Dawn had on me was her encouragement to pursue a career in nursing. Words of wisdom every now and then to give you a much needed boost. Dawn also regularly commented on my blog and we would have big long discussions about different topics I wrote about.

I would never wish severe asthma on anyone it is life threatening, life limiting and life changing but I was glad to have found Dawn who had similar pattern of asthma to me. It was a reassurance I was not alone. But the cruelty of asthma has taken her away.

No body realises just how serious asthma can be. I never thought it could do as much harm or damage as it has and I have lived with it all my life. Almost everyone knows someone with asthma- I certainly know loads of people with asthma but the reality is I also know far to many people who have died as a result of asthma.

Dawn, your offered me so much kindness, help, support, knowledge, and comfort. I could never thank you enough. I didnt appreciate it properly until you were gone.

Breathe Easy and (((Dawn)))

Brackets round a your name was always how Dawn would sign off meaning a hug!!!

2 thoughts on “Remembering Dawn”

  1. I’m only just learning how cruel asthma can be, and thankfully I don’t know any body who has been taken too early because of asthma. Dawn would be proud of all you do to raise awareness of asthma and what it can do. Keep doing what you do Olivia, you’re changing lives too with all your hard work and your blog and words of encouragement. It’s definitely inspiring to me to see all you do, and I’m grateful for the help you offer me so often! Thinking of you at this time, hope you’re feeling well x

    1. Thank you so much for your comments Jo. Im glad I have been able to help but you help me to with your comments. You are so strong in the way your dealing with this admission especially with all its up and downs. it has certainly been a rollercoaster for you and I hope your on the up now and stay on the up. Take care Jo x

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