Self Management- how does it feel when you can’t.

With severe asthma or actually any type of asthma or chronic health condition one of the biggest parts of living with it is self management. We are (hopefully) taught how to manage living with our condition, take action when things don't go quite right. We are pretty much left to our own devices. Day to… Continue reading Self Management- how does it feel when you can’t.

My HealtheVoices19 experience!

Last night I was catching up on reading some blogs and came across one that was written by one of the other people who attended HealtheVoices (HeV) who opened her blog post with my exact thoughts. She had been drafting and redrafting posts about her experiences of HealtheVoices and not knowing quite how to write… Continue reading My HealtheVoices19 experience!

My Fight Against Asthma- the app

Living with any chronic health condition can be tricky. Not only dealing with how you are feeling on a daily basis but everything that goes with it to keep yourself well- the medication, self management plans, anticipatory care plan, Drs appointments, hospital appointments. This is just a small selection of some of the things you… Continue reading My Fight Against Asthma- the app