Cleaning products and lung health

Reading the BBC news online I came across an article about cleaning products and lung health. A study carried out in Norway found that using a micro fibre cloth and water was suitable for most purposes rather than the products full of chemicals which advertise themselves as killing 99.9% of all bacteria etc. Cleaning particularly house… Continue reading Cleaning products and lung health

Pharmaceutically Enhanced!

I read an article recently which challenged my thoughts on modern medicine and how I have become totally reliant on pharmaceutical products. I am so thankful for all the developments in medicine and where medication is now. Everyday I take a concoction of medication and far too many for someone in their late twenties almost… Continue reading Pharmaceutically Enhanced!

Clinic apps vs being a good patient vs being a bad patient

The past year I have found to be very long and it feels like one long constant fight for normality which I am losing little by little. Working in the healthcare profession I know all the well about the cost on the NHS when patients do not attend their appointments but recently I have really… Continue reading Clinic apps vs being a good patient vs being a bad patient