Coping with allergic reactions

I have written a lot about my allergies and how the affect me. Being allergic to salicylic acid is a nightmare. It is in everything from fruit and veg to toothpaste. I have been salicylate free for a good 10 or so years now. On days where my asthma is not too bad I can… Continue reading Coping with allergic reactions

Cleaning products and lung health

Reading the BBC news online I came across an article about cleaning products and lung health. A study carried out in Norway found that using a micro fibre cloth and water was suitable for most purposes rather than the products full of chemicals which advertise themselves as killing 99.9% of all bacteria etc. Cleaning particularly house… Continue reading Cleaning products and lung health

Salicylate sensitivity or aspirin free!!!

For living with asthma is not only about taking inhalers and tablets but also watching my diet. Asthmatics tend to be more sensitive to aspirin and NSAID's (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs). This is not however the case for everyone. I have been allergic to aspirin for as long as I can remember. I have an anaphylactic  reaction to aspirin if… Continue reading Salicylate sensitivity or aspirin free!!!