Sick leave- what do you do??

Being on sick leave seems to be an all too common occurrence for me. It is never just a day either its weeks and weeks which feels like months and months (well sometimes it is months). Often people say to me they would love to be off for as long as I have been off… Continue reading Sick leave- what do you do??

Returning to work in a fog of smoke.

I have been back at work now on a phased return and it is going fairly well except for one part. When my chest feels tight I do find it a bit of a struggle to get from the car park to the hospital. The staff car park is the furthest out from the hospital… Continue reading Returning to work in a fog of smoke.

Feel like that duck…

Feel like that duck you see calmly swimming in the pond but take a look under the water and his feet are paddling furiously just to keep a float. Chest wise I feel that I am managing to keep the outside world seeing me as ok but when I leave work and get back home… Continue reading Feel like that duck…

What happens when there is nothing else?

During my last hospital admission I was very apprehensive about seeing my old consultant. I had recently changed consultant out of frustration and fear of losing my job. Just reducing prednisilone and seeing how I go was not working for me when all I wanted was to get better. My current consultant is now based… Continue reading What happens when there is nothing else?

It never gets easier!

Just under 2 weeks ago I had another pretty serious asthma attack which ended up with me being admitted to hospital for over a week. Over the years I have had loads of asthma attacks and all of varying degrees, different situations and surroundings yet this past one is one I am finding the most… Continue reading It never gets easier!