A mutual understanding with Asthma UK

A while ago I posted about how angry and disgruntled I was with Asthma UK. They had taken the decision to close their offices in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. To say I went off the deep end would be a small under statement. I felt hurt as it was the Asthma UK Scotland office who effectively without knowing changed my life around. You can read my blog post here 

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But now I feel I need to post with where things are now. The offices have closed but after the weekend in Manchester and meeting with people from Asthma UK at various different events over the past few weeks it has given me the opportunity to speak to them about how I feel and where everything is going.

I think and I hope Asthma UK believe we have a mutual understanding. I am very upset that the office had to shut but now understand why they had to do it. The economic climate in the UK is not favourable for charities particularly small charities like Asthma UK. I had not appreciated the cost in running a charity and having offices in outlying countries. It is extortionate. A charity which generates on £9 million a year for a condition/ disease which effects 1 in 10 people is shocking and there is no wonder why they struggle to do all they want for asthma and those who have asthma. Until yesterday I never realised the KICK Asthma weekend I went on when I was younger would cost £20K just to put that on. These are figures you don’t see. I took Kick Asthma for granted- I got so much out of it but never appreciated the work that went into it and the running cost.

The opportunity to speak to various different people from the charity was really beneficial. They reassured me that Scotland would not be forgotten about and they will look after Scotland. My understanding is that there were more than just me who were upset but I hope that the energies of those who are upset can be used to the positive and be the people in Scotland to raise the profile of asthma and Asthma UK. I want to make sure that Asthma UK know what is happening in Scotland and in doing so this may generate more income and enable Asthma UK to have an office in Scotland again.

What we need to be aware of is that there is nothing to be gained by being annoyed or upset at what has happened as it is now fact but use this and change the situation to the good. Put asthma on the map and it may put Asthma UK back in Scotland with added income and resource. By understanding the whys I can clearly see there was a massive gap in resources- I am still sad and always will be but I can’t let this sadness cause a rift between me and Asthma UK and therefore be detrimental to all aspects of asthma awareness etc as I want to continue in doing all I do and maintain a good relationship with the charity.

I am very grateful for having the opportunity to speak to various members of the charity over the last few weeks and hope others can join with me in Scotland and continue to support Asthma UK.

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