Some nights you just want to cry

Tonight is one of those nights where I am super tired but I just want to cry or scream and really don’t know what to do with myself.

The air feels thick and I have this overwhelming feeling to stick my head in a cold shower or go outside, although going outside will not do anything as it is the change in weather that is causing me to feel like this. The weather is getting warmer but with that there are subtle changes in atmospheric pressure causing my asthma to play up a little bit. It is a choking feeling and a heaviness in the air making it feel like I need to gulp it down to get it into my lungs. To try and alleviate these symptoms I have my fan going to circulate the air and have taken an extra boost of prednisilone to help settle things. But as always taking extra prednisilone at night results in a very broken night with little to no sleep. Better no sleep than no breath though.

There was no point to this post but  just a need to vent and put down the feelings in a hope I may catch a few hours kip before work tomorrow!

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