Severe Asthma Peer Support Group

Last September I started the Severe Asthma Peer Support Group with the support of Asthma + Lung UK. Unfortunately this has not worked out so I am now running the group independently from Asthma + Lung UK. It was not an easy decision to make, and I had many sleepless nights thinking about what I… Continue reading Severe Asthma Peer Support Group

Mental Health Awareness

This week is mental health awareness week. Mental health is still such a stigmatised topic often leaving people feeling weak, vulnerable and embarrassed, some even fear what might happen if they acknowledge that they may be struggling with their mental health. I hear so often that people with a physical health condition worry about opening… Continue reading Mental Health Awareness

What is severe asthma really??

And what does severe asthma look like? Does having severe asthma look like this? Is this what severe asthma looks like? In all the photos above I have severe asthma (some of them are a lot older than others). In the top photos it doesn't look like there is anything wrong with me but the… Continue reading What is severe asthma really??

World Asthma Day 2023

Has anything really changed in the asthma landscape since World Asthma Day 2022? For the day to day living with asthma really not much has changed. The same frustrations are still there and sadly I think they will continue for many years. The has obviously been some positive changes especially with the approval of the… Continue reading World Asthma Day 2023