Changing the way inhalers are used in the media.

I have written before about my disgust of the way inhalers and asthma are portrayed in the media. I wish I could wave a magic wand and it would all be corrected so that it was not just the geeky fat kids showed with asthma but anyone could have asthma, and also the way inhalers used would go inline with the best practice guidelines. We pick up so much from the media both consciously and subconsciously and this includes the way inhalers are used. We adapt our way of using them from what we see around us.


We cant change everything but a group of us have got together to try and make some change. To start off we have a short survey of 3 questions to help us see where we need to focus our attention.

It would be fantastic as a reader of my blog if you could complete this survey for me.

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