Worries of being a patient advocate

Patient advocates seem to give off this impression of being fearless, great speakers and always knowing the right thing to say. I often looked patient advocates and admired their confidence and strength for the work they do. I still do. It has only been in the last few years that I have really identified as… Continue reading Worries of being a patient advocate

Closing the chapter on my time in Lacrosse

It must have been fate that today was the day to write this blog post. My time hop reminded me that is was 4 years ago since I was in Florida with the Scotland Lacrosse Senior Women's Team. Before I looked at my time hop I had been structuring this blog post in my head… Continue reading Closing the chapter on my time in Lacrosse

COVID-19 Vaccine

It seems the entire country (I mean all 4 Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as Ireland) are waiting with baited breath as to when everyone will get vaccinated. Everyone will get the vaccine in time but we just need to be patient. We have managed this long we can manage a little… Continue reading COVID-19 Vaccine