COVID-19 Vaccine

It seems the entire country (I mean all 4 Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as Ireland) are waiting with baited breath as to when everyone will get vaccinated. Everyone will get the vaccine in time but we just need to be patient. We have managed this long we can manage a little bit longer. Its better that the vaccine is rolled out properly rather than a rushed botched job.

It appears now that more and more people are getting called up or receiving a letter inviting them to have the vaccine.

I have been very fortunate that I received the vaccine last week. Due to allergies and previous reactions I was fairly concerned about getting the vaccine but I am fortunate that I have a great team behind me who advised me on a management strategy. Getting the vaccine was a really straightforward process and I felt really safe when out getting my vaccine.

Post COVID-19 vaccination, Pre side effects!

The one concern we now have is wether I will develop anti bodies as a result of getting the vaccine. It has only really been a recent development in my health where I have stopped producing anti bodies. I think it was 13 years ago I was first aware that I didnt respond to vaccinations as I should. I had to get my HepB vaccine for nursing school and despite having it and having multiple courses of it I still got my bloods questioned because I developed absolutely no anti bodies to which is unusual as you would normally develop at least some. This has then been the case with the chicken pox vaccine, despite having had chicken pox I have no immunity, I have had the vaccine and had countless doses of the chicken pox immunoglobulins but still there is no trace in my blood. So fingers crossed this vaccine because it works differently I will produce anti bodies.

There has been a lot of chatter about the side effects of the vaccine and I have seen on social media posts where people regret getting the vaccine because of how it made them feel. I felt grim after I received mine. My temperature spiked to over 40, chills, aching bones and fatigue all hit me and kept me in bed which is really unusual. I felt awful for Ghillie because he didnt get his walk and bless him he was up beside me on the bed (Ghillie will never sleep on the bed- he is either under my bed on sleeps on the window sill so on the bed the whole time is very unusual). But no matter how unwell I felt I know it is worth it as I know all too well the high price that contracting COVID-19 can take.

One thing that angers me just now is all those out there who refuse to get the vaccine particularly for unfounded reasons. These reasons are often due to poor education and understanding. For someone like me who has been shielding for a year now the vaccine is the only option of potential freedom. Just because I have the vaccine does not mean I can go out and about now but the more people who take the vaccine the more the virus will be suppressed and the safer the world will be for people like me. There is really only one group of people who can legitimately say that they don’t want to take the vaccine and that is those who are pregnant. Previously it was thought that if you were planning a pregnancy then you should not take it but there is evidence out there that suggests this is not the case so there is a very small percentage of the population who should not be taking the vaccine.

It seems to be those who refuse the vaccine are also the ones who think that COVID-19 is a conspiracy theory. One thing I do know is that those who I know who have died as a result of COVID-19 it is no conspiracy theory.

One step closer to a world where we can go out again without the worry of COVID-19.

Rest in Peace Natalie and all those who have died x

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