Bringing the patient voice to Research and Development

A lot of the work I do is speaking to people about what it is like to live with asthma. Asthma is a condition that you should be able to live with and it won’t interfere too much but for so many people asthma dictates their life.

It is so important for those who work in the asthma field know what it is really like. The challenge for people trying to make the lives of those with asthma better is that asthma is unlike any other condition. Asthma is a multitude of different conditions which require different management styles, different medications and different understanding.

There is one common theme between asthmatics no matter what type of asthma we have. We just want better understanding in particular when it comes to digital technology. Technology in healthcare is where there are all the latest developments but asthma is lagging behind. There are hundreds of apps out there for us to use but none of them actually do the job we want them too. Why is this? Because those creating and designing them are not speaking to people with the condition so do not know the key needs of the target user.

I did a video diary recently about living with asthma and various aspects of it. Here is part of the video.

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