Weekend with friends


Last weekend was amazing. I went up to Loch Tay with my best mates and their dog. I love it up there. I can really relax and settle when there with no cares and can just unwind from the busy and bustling city and working life.

What was so great is that my friends really understand me and we could just relax in each others company an not feel pressured to do anything so sitting around in our PJ’s chatting looking out on the Loch or going for walks was lovely. The weather wasn’t the best and it was very windy but it suited me because Edinburgh was so hot and humid that weekend it would have been a struggle.

We did go for a slightly adventurous walk which really puffed me but Jen and Rich just went at my pace without having to ask, I think its because Jen gets it and understands it can be tough sometimes. Last time we went up north for a weekend was about 5 years ago and its amazing how much things have changed- last time while making tea Jen and I managed to drink a whole bottle of wine between us (both of us are pretty lightweight with drink) while Rich and Ang watched TV unaware of our antics. This time we had just as much fun but with less wine and many more cups of tea. Getting old before our time!!!

The other thing that was great was we could all just unload and get stuff off our chests and take stock of where we are. I felt so relax I kept dosing off while watching TV. Im not sure what it is but breathing was actually not bad other than when I was told I sounded like a wheezing old lady but otherwise all was good.

I really must go up north more often. Now that I am not involved in so much stuff I am hoping I can go up more often and maybe get the boat out in the water and take it for a spin- sadly it wasn’t in the water this time as we had planned to go for a BBQ down the loch a bit but will save it for next time! Weekends are never long enough anyway when you have friends up. Really need a week!!

Being away gave me some time to think and make some choices which were hard and I will save it for another post.

Who couldn’t love this place….


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