Im so so grateful to my work.


For me since I was off sick in Feb till last week really I have felt my career has kind of been in the balance. Even though everyone was telling me not to worry I really couldn’t not as I just didnt know what was going to happen because I have been off so much- well not many occasions but when I am off its never just a day or so more like a month or so!

This time I had a proper phased return to work which was annoying but worked well. Starting at 2hours a day building up to my new normal. I actually feel good again now, I have more energy and find I am sleeping a bit better although could still chop my legs off most nights but at least its not my breathing that is keeping me up. I am managing to get a good routine with my medications and regulating them to get the most out of them when I need them rather than taking them and then needing prns to keep on top of things.

My work have been so good with me and I do think that because I have always been pretty open ever since I was a student nurse about my health and its variability but also I have never (touchwood) been on sick leave for anything other than asthma or being in hospital with asthma. When I am a work I try really hard and put in max effort but also I love my job and really couldn’t think of another job I would want to do.

Having said that my job role is changing a bit to try and maximise my health and maintain it without pushing myself to much and running around like a headless chicken trying to do everything and not being able to do anything. I am really looking forward to what I m going to be doing as it really does include even more of my passions around patient eduction, teaching and also patient experience.

I really can’t thank what my bosses have done and it sounds really stupid but i am so grateful. I think until you have faced the thought of not being able to do something you love but also something you rely on for your living you don’t value it and acknowledge its value until it could potentially be gone.

I am really trying now to not over do it on my down days and plan rest days but also plan fun things to do as I can’t live my life for work but i need to acknowledge the effort that has been put in for me to keep my job and not do anything to jeopardise it.

This week I have some exciting things happening and then Im away up north with my best pals for the weekend to Loch Tay one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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