Formulating a CV

Since jumping into the world of research I have grasped every opportunity which has presented itself to me and I have no regrets about any of it except one thing. I was enjoying so much what I was doing and sending of comments and agreeing to do things right left and centre, but I am now regretting one thing. I didnt keep track of everything I have done.

Having been off work for an extended period of time and having some doubts in my mind about how long I will be nursing for and my interest in research growing more and more I was told I should really keep a record of everything I have been doing, commented on, been a co-applicant on, an author etc. I haven’t done any of this and I am realising this is a big mistake! I am not hanging up my nursing uniform yet but I have to admit I am intrigued more and more by research however I think I am spoilt with AUKCAR as I get to dip in and out of a huge variety of research rather than spend 5 years or so on one topic studying a PhD or something.

So not begins the hunting through emails and racking my brain for all the bits and pieces I have done so when the time comes I have everything in order. Its very odd to be thinking about research because when I was in Winchester I found the research aspect of the degree so hard and really struggled but I think it was because back then I didnt know I was dyslexic but since getting the help and the aids writing and reading has become much easier and I really do enjoy research and enjoy helping people do research and study. Learning new things is exciting and being able to implement things to make change and see the good come out of it is really rewarding.

I am going to start a section on my pages at the top of the different things I have done so that if anyone reading this is perhaps interested in getting involved in Patient and Public Involvement you can see what sort of things and the variety of things that you can get involved in!!!

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