A true Healthcare Hero

Back in September I was interviewed by a couple of guys and was photographed in Edinburgh for a book called Healthcare Hero’s. I was really honoured to be asked to be part of it and they thought my “story” was interesting and sort of inspiring, but to me I do what I do to keep myself sane.

It was only earlier this week that I realised the true nature of this book when I saw who else was featured in the book. I still cannot believe it. I feel I have to pinch myself. But a few years ago I think it was I first came across Dr Kate Granger and her shock at being a patient in hospital and seeing how no one introduced themselves to her, wether it was nurses, Drs, domestics anyone and thus she started the #hellomynameis campaign to which she received an MBE for her work. I followed her campaign on Twitter and was saddened to see her decline in health as a result of her terminal cancer. She fought tirelessly and the campaign was UK wide. The respiratory ward which I end up being admitted to often all have name badges from the Hello My Name is campaign so its something I see all the time.

It was a sad day when Kate’s husband announced that she had sadly passed away as a result of her cancer.

So to be featured in a book along side her is truly amazing. I am so honoured. The launch of the book is down in London and I am really excited. Recently I have had so many opportunities as a result of being involved in the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research and have such exciting things happening in the future including possibly going to Washington DC and other places!!!!

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