Eyes Eyes Eyes

Years ago I had an issue with my eye where the peripheral vision on my left eye was skewed and went all blurred. There was never any reason found for it and eventually went away without any treatment. It gradually got better over time. This time its a bit different and got me worried.

I never knew there was any issue with my eyes until I broke my glasses and had to get new ones meaning I needed my eyes tested as well. They didnt say anything was wrong at first but I did think they were taking a long time looking at the backs of my eyes compared to previous tests. Eventually the optician sat back and asked me various questions about my eyes and any headaches I get. I often get pounding headaches where i want to push my forehead above my left eye in it hurts so bad. Which the optician was not surprised about as she said my optic nerves are swollen. The left eye more than the right side but both are not normal. So drops in the eyes and more imaging and a referral off to the Eye Hospital to see what is going on.

I am needless to say quite worried as I have had no warning or anything abut my eyes not being great or that the optic nerves are swollen. My eyes apart from the blurred vision have always been ok. Having been on steroids for so long I have always been worried about cataracts or glaucoma not swelling in the optic nerve.

This is yet one more thing that steroids are adversely doing to my body. It sort of feels like it is never ending and things are jumping out of no where. I found out recently I have not been taking enough bone protection so going for a DEXA scan. The bone protection I was taking was what I was told to but I’m now terrified that my bones are in a worse state than they already were.

Slightly worried for the next few weeks until I get some answers.

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