What I do in my down time!!

I remember a few years ago having brunch with my mum and we were talking about hobbies. She was trying to get me to try a new hobby that was not sport. All I had was sort and didnt know I could still be so involved in sport but not actually play sport. She was suggesting things like cooking classes or art things which are really not me. I don’t think I have any hobbies which are not sport related.

Recently though I found that I have found things to do which are still sport orientated but are not physically demanding and are things I can do on the sofa or lying in bed. I can string lacrosse sticks to players individual style and colour scheme. It is so therapeutic. My mum watched me do one and likened it to basket weaving as it is a repetitive skill and when a head is finished and it is all equal and looking good it is really good and satisfying!

Below is a collection of sticks I have done for a variety of players from some who play for Scotland, to teammates and then kids at school who have been playing with sticks that are a bit like a frying pan as have no pocket so have given them a revamp and a pocket making it easier to catch the ball and keep it in the head!!!





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