Back in September I went down to London courtesy of AZ to talk about my experience of living with difficult asthma. Since then I have had endless opportunities of things to do as a result of it.

Firstly the book I am going to be featured in will be produced and out in January. I have read the preview of what they are saying about me and with a few tweaks it was all good. It is still surreal to be featured in a book for doing stuff I enjoy and considered a hero for it. But anyway I am really proud and flattered to be featured in it.

Secondly on the back of the AZ meeting I am also now part of the AZ Patient Centricity (PaCe). Everything AZ plan to do is going to have the patients at the forefront. This is a totally new experience for me as this is not regional or domestic as I am used to but global. There was a virtual summit where we all met in an online conference room via our webcams which was amazing but I was kind of in awe as there were the big guys in AZ there and then patients from all over the world. It was great at got to chat with Kerri who I have spoken with on and off over the years. She is also an asthma advocate and does similar stuff to what I do but over the pond in Canada. It is great to have something which brings us all together. At first I was worried the summit would be long and tiring as it was 2hours but the time flew by. We could have done with way more time when we broke out into our discussion groups as there was so much to say and so many ideas flying around.

I am really excited to be part of this new programme and the projects that are coming out of it. It is something different and something I have not done before. The first virtual summit was a bit of a taster but I am looking forward to the next one in January next year already!!

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