What do you do when you can’t sleep…you blog!!!

One of the biggest problems I have just now is my sleep. I have never been much of a sleeper but when my asthma is not great it is even worse and I spend a lot of nights tossing and turning trying to get into a position that is comfy and good for breathing, but to compound it all there is the added side effect of being on high dose prednisilone just now so insomnia is hitting me hard a long with restless legs.

Recently I spoke at an event at Asthma UK and spoke about prednisilone and how it feels as though this is the only answer. I really do sometimes think it is because it does make breathing so much easier and that weight is lifted off my chest but then on the flip side I wonder how much the high doses which impact on my already broken sleep is prolonging me getting better. They sleep is the best medicine but how much is my lack of sleep stopping me getting better quicker and meaning my chest is worse for longer. It sort of seems like a vicious circle. I find the more I try to sleep the worse it is and then my restless legs kick in meaning I pace the floor, stretch, wiggle my toes, do progressive relaxation and even end up going out in my car to try and settle myself so I can get some sleep.

It will be wonderful when we there is a new medication around to treat the acute inflammation and help relax the airways without the added complications of side effects. The worst part sometimes is that no one sees the side effects. Everyone has some sleepless nights and will often say it can’t be that bad because everyone gets it but night on night when breathing is already tiring, all you want to do is crash out but can’t. I wish Drs could try a course of prednsilone to just see how torturous it can be, I don’t think they really know.

I will update in the next few days about my trip to London and whats happening after it!

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