I think I am one of the few people who hate the weather we have just now. Perhaps others with breathing problems might be in my boat but this warm, humid muggy weather is making things really tricky. You don’t know what you are getting from day to day as the weather is constantly changing even during the day.

I spend a lot of time planning my day around how I feel but also making sure I take the right medication at the right time and when I will need to take my inhaler preventatively incase I come into contact with a trigger, but just now I am finding it impossible. You wouldn’t think that asthma can cause so much hassle.

Its not even like the pole count is high so I can counter act this with some anti histamine, I thought about increasing my steroids but I am not sure what good they will do as sometimes I feel ok and breathing seems a little bit easier so I don’t want to take extra prednisilone as it is hard to come down off it but when the weather is clearer breathing is easier so I don’t need the added steroid but I can’t predict when the weather is going to close in and breathing becomes harder.

I remember once there was a thunderstorm and I ended up in hospital because the air became so thick and heavy making my asthma worse. I worry that with this weather it will make it worse and I just don’t know what to do for the best to make things easier.

I am meant to be going to a retirement party and my friends leaving party today but I am not sure how I will manage as even just doing the shopping this morning was hard work and I have come home to rest and get my chest feeling a bit better. I will need to really rest and have some nebulisers and make a plan for going tonight if I decide to go. I emailed my consultant at the end of the week to see what the best thing to do s but didnt hear back so will just do what I think is right.

I really hate having asthma sometimes. It stops me doing so much that I want to do and it really bugs me. At least one positive is that it gives me time to put together both speeches I have to do this month and next month!

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