There are some amazing people out there!!

Asthma UK logoThis end of this week is a really special day. Not only is it my Dad’s birthday but it is also the Craigmillar Park Charity Golf Day to raise money for Asthma UK. I never imagined the amount of money it would raise but have been bowled over today when I learnt that over £6500 has been raised so far and there is still 4 days until the actual day. Karen, Janet and the team from Craigmillar Park Golf Club have done amazing work to get this day to together and I hope it will be a great day and we will get decent weather for the day too!

Everyone knows someone with asthma but not everyone knows someone that has died from asthma. Recently in the press it was announced that The Apprentice star Stuart Baggs died as a result of an asthma attack at just 27 years old. I have several friends who died from asthma attacks or complications as a result of one. Asthma should not kill people and it should not dictate peoples lives the way it can for many. The money being raised at this golf day is invaluable and vital to continue funding ground breaking research to help one day find a cure for asthma.

A cure to me would mean freedom. It would mean a life with no medication, a life with no fear that I might do something that can cause me an asthma attack, a life playing sport again. It would just be the life I so desperately want but really struggle to have sometimes.

I am really looking forward to Friday and seeing the day unfold.

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