U19 World Championships in Edinburgh



Its been just over a week now since the Under 19 Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) World Championships in Edinburgh finished. The final was played on a very blustery and wet Saturday afternoon between USA and Canada. Canada came out the victors. (Photo above is of the stats table volunteers with Liz from the FIL)

It was a busy two weeks during the championships. I was lucky to volunteer throughout the entire competition. It was so good to be part of something and feel well doing it. I had a range of different jobs to do. My main role was pitch side doing match statistics. This was either as a caller, scribe or inputting in a laptop. The stats we recorded looked at all aspects of the games- draw control, turnover, ground balls, foul, 11m shot, clears etc. The first time doing it was really really difficult. I was all fingers and thumbs and got totally tongue twisted!! By the final I think I mastered it and really enjoyed it. It was great being part of the team on the table pitch side. I made some great friends doing this and we had great banter.


I also got drafted in to do first aid for a few days to cover for the first aider at the event. I did enjoy it and not just because I got to drive the golf buggy around and have a radio!!! There were thankfully not too many injuries to deal with so I got to watch a lot of lacrosse and wander around the fields.


The one job I did do which was great but I am not sure I would want to do it again was commentating. It is really hard to continue talking for the game speaking about what is happening. The opportunity to try it was one I couldn’t turn down but for me I much prefer match statistics.

Being part of the team and everyone mucking in and getting jobs done was great. The camaraderie among everyone was great. I made some great friends and I would defiantly like to be part of something like this again and will look out for Surrey 2017 and perhaps volunteer for that. All in all it was a very busy week and have certainly taken a while to recover but I wouldn’t take those two weeks back for anything. It did make me want to play lacrosse again and I am looking forward to the season coming up and hopefully I might be able to play- fingers crossed!!!


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