The summer weathers here but no everyones happy!!!

Normally when the sun comes out everyone is rejoicing but there is that small group of people who really do not like it. I guess Im sort of one of them. I love the summer. It means I can wear my shorts and enjoy the long summer nights but with that comes the suffocating feeling of the heat and humidity.

For the past few days it has felt like the air is really thick and that I have been wearing a compression vest squeezing my chest. Im not wearing any vest it is just my lungs reacting to this new weather that we are having just now. I noticed this most yesterday. I was staying up in Crail overnight which is on the east coast of Scotland. The sea air was refreshing and breathing was easy however as I drive inland and home I found my chest felt tighter and tighter and it was due to this warm weather. There is sense in the old wives tail that sea air is good for a bad chest. I should retreat there for the summer months.

I checked the weather forecast earlier and I really wish I hadn’t. there is thunder and lightening forecast and this fills me with fear. Last time we had similar weather followed by thunder and lightening I ended up in the high dependancy unit having suffered a really bad asthma attack. It was brought on by changes in the air pressure. I was terrified during this attack and unusually I remembered most of it. Inparticular I recall one of the nurses who I know really well sitting with me all night because I was so scared and just couldn’t get my breathe and not getting much relief from medication. I can never thank that nurse enough.

This apprehension I don’t think is helping my chest much at all. I have taken an extra nebuliser tonight to try and get some extra relief and I have my fan on to circulate the air and make it a bit cooler in my room to sleep. I am hoping things will be ok and all this worry will be for nothing.

In other news I am still having a bit of a hard time dealing with not being able to play golf how I want and having to miss things. Its getting to me a lot as many are starting to comment about how I am not the person I used to be. This is quite a complex topic so I will save it for another post.

I hope everyone else with twitchy airways is doing ok tonight and not effected to badly by the humidity. I do hope that if we get the thunder and lightening then the air is clearer afterwards.

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