Moving forward.

The last few posts I published were very much the same, talking about the same stuff going round in circles and not making much progress.

I am moving forward though. I am on the count down to my next clinic appointment which is on Monday where hopefully there will be some positive news but if not its not the end of the world.

I am trying to focus on the positives and good happening just now. The weather is changing so hopefully this means warmer weather with less wind so less hay fever and colds flying around. It also means getting out and about more enjoying the sun and perhaps some golf.

Reflecting on the past time I have been really negative although I have been some offered amazing opportunities. These opportunities were over shadowed with how I felt both physically and mentally. I can now see how great these things are and being part of something amazing. Today I was up at a meeting with AUKCAR PPI about a project Im going to be involved in and it brought back the focus of why I am involved in such a centre. It shows me how such a good thing can come out of having a bad situation.

Next week and the following weeks are going to be busy with lots going on in the PPI world.

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