Falling out with your medical team?

I feel like I have fallen out with my reps team. I know patients don’t actually fall out with their Dr’s like you do with friends- its more you have difference of opinions etc.

Recently I saw a second consultant which I wrote about before. I was feeling really positive after seeing him and thought things might change but now I am worried I have done the wrong thing. My actual consultant is not happy I have seen someone else and it is not because I have seen someone else it is because he has not asked her for her opinion and a history from her. My view is that as I am seeing him for a second opinion he shouldnt need to ask her for a history and her plan as I want to see what someone else’s view is from seeing me without others inputs or views.

I also saw the reps nurses who I told I had seen a different consultant and the questioned why I did it and what did I expect to achieve from it as according to them I am too young for other medications and need to be on the steroids just now. My whole desire just now is to get off the prednisilone but just now its not working and if this second consultant turns round and says I need to stay on the pred then that is fine but I feel I need to try another avenue as my asthma is effecting all my life now and taking so much away.

Drs sometimes really don’t understand how patients feel living with a condition all the time and never getting a break from it. I feel at my wits end hence why I have gone down the second opinion route. I was even willing to pay to see someone privately just to see what options there might be.

After all this happened I was feeling so down and questioning wether I had done the right thing by seeing someone else or if by doing that my actual consultant would think less of me an I would lose out on treatment or her effort in trying to get me better. I still do worry if I have done the right thing and don’t know if I should cancel my next appointments with the other consultant but I am so desperate to get my life back I will do anything to just feel better.

I did remember reading an article which was very old but it was written by a well known respiratory consultant Jon Ayres who commented that brittle asthmatics will often fall out with there consultants due to frustration at not getting better and feel like they are not being treated properly. I guess this is what I feel. As much as I am monitored and see medical professionals regularly I don’t feel like anything productive is happening. I feel like I am going round in circles. I will continue to try and get myself better and get a better treatment plan. The article by Jon Ayres gave me mixed feelings. On the one hand I was relieved that others have felt the same way as I have but then at the same time I feel dejected because if it is documented that patients fall out with their consultants due to treatment is this an expected course in having brittle asthma???

Trying to stay positive. Beginning of October I am back seeing the other consultant and to have a test to see how twitchy my airways are!!!

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