Is it going to be possible??

By this time in the year I was hoping to be back to playing lacrosse again attending both of the training sessions, managing entire games, going to the gym regularly and well on my way to being ready for running the Half Marathon once again in May.

By taking the whoever of the end of last year off any exercise to get myself in good shape was the plan. Sadly it has not gone so. I am possibly further back now than I would ever have been. I am not sure if it will be physically possible for me to run the half marathon. I will still aim to complete it but running it going to need a huge amount of work and a small miracle.

When I ran it 2 years ago I was only taking inhalers, antihistamines and anti leukotrine receptors now I have oral steroids, nebulisers, pain killers, anti emetics, anti depressants, PPI’s, antibiotics and medication for bone thinning to add into the mix as well. I am realistic about my chances.

This year is a big year for golf and as it will now be my main sport I want to focus my energies on getting my body in the right shape to excel in golf and get into the club team and do well in compitions.

So basically I will compete in the half marathon but thoughts of getting a PB are at the back of my mind for when I have 2 fully functioning lungs again!!

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