Four weeks in!!

I am four weeks into my new role working in the community now. Although my thoughts of actually moving there are still the same it was the right move. I do love the job I am doing now. I can spend more time with patients and promote independence in managing their own condition.

I have got myself into a good routine of taking my medication at the right times and getting until recently not too bad a sleep. I am being hugely bothered by restless legs just now which once under control sleep will be better.

It is a totally different job you need to decide what work you are doing where as on the ward you always have patients after you for one thing or another.

As always I have one focus on my work and one focus on my chest. I desperately want it to get better. It has been over 10 years of battle being brittle now and 25 years being asthmatic- quarter of a century!!!! I wonder when the story will end and I will be a regular asthmatic again- I sure as he’ll could do with it happening soon!!!

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