Favourite period in your life????

I got asked the other night a question which I ended up reflecting on a lot over the last week. My brothers partner asked me what my best or most favourite period of my life so far it.

I had to think a lot. Times where I have been overjoyed have also been marred with huge sadness or troubles. But after much thought I think overall so far I would need to say that from my final placement as a student nurse in the May of 2012 till March 2013 and the birth of my gorgeous nephew James. It is a short time span but in this time I was in a good relationship which had however ended but for the best, I have qualified as a staff nurse, got the job I wanted although have now had to move from that, had a spell or relatively good health meaning I could run the Edinburgh Half Marathon in a time which I was really chuffed with. I also played some amazing golf on fantastic courses and in great compitions particularly happy with getting through to the Semi finals of the Scratch in Match Play of the Highland Open. I worked Xmas, had a great new year and birthday to all be culminated in the birth of my wee nephew.

From the May to March is crammed full of good times and interspersed with the usual hospital admissions and coming to terms with general deterioration once again in my asthma and control.

It is a really weird time too because March 2013 was a new chapter in the Fulton family and not just the birth of my nephew but the coming together of people who had split and although short lived a time where other relationships were put to the test.

The ups and downs with my family have caused times which I should have relished to be not so happy as despite how great it is there would always be someone missing. But I now hope that from now I won’t have to think so hard about good times and they will come flowing out as now people are back together and to only get my health better I won’t be held back by anything!!

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