Trying to start training for 1/2 marathon but…..

there is a massive brick wall in my way.

Two years ago I ran a 1/2 marathon in 2hours. It was a massive achievement but i did it off the back of a year of very good health. This time around however I have had my worst year of health since 2007 when I was a 24/7 subcutaneous syringe driver and I am going to attempt to run it.

The first hurdle I keep running straight into and am not getting over. I have written before about my fear of asthma attacks. This fear is possibly at its greatest just now. As a previously fit person I always walked up stairs but now I use a lift for fear of getting wheezy etc. I don’t do things in case it induces an attack and the prospect of commencing training I am finding so hard in case I have an attack and send myself back into hospital.

I think this fear is both rational and irrational. I have had some mega bad attacks which have ended up in ITU and HDU so it is a possibility that it could happen again but then I think I am being irrational because I have done it before. I have put in hard training and pushed my self physically to the limit and I am still here so I can do it. Mentally I need to get over the fear but it may take some time.

I have to be realistic. I am not going to run a 2 hour half marathon, but just to complete it this time will be overwhelming after the last year!!!!

So May here we come!!!!

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