Arthroscopic Menisectomy!!!

Get your tongue round that!!!! So this was the official name for the “knee op” I was having!!!  The surgery is all over and done with now I jsut need to concentrate on the rehab side of it all now.

The surgery itself was not too bad for me. I had to get to the hospital at 7am having fasted for the previous 5 hours and no drinking for the previous 3. I was clarked in and met my nurse, the aneathatist and then the surgeon came to see me to chat through what he was going to do. As he was not entirly sure on what needed doen because as he put it my knee was “totally locked” and he couldnt do the tests he wanted the operation was kind of blind. the symptoms I was having suggested a meniscus tear but I could also have an osteochondral problem too. he said he may have to put plugs into my knee and I would be off it for 6 weeks- my heart sank at this.

Thankfully after the surgery he came back to see me. i was so sleepy but got what he was talking about. there were a few different issues in the knee which he sorted. He sorted the cartilage out then he had to shave part of my synovial tissue because apparently I had a birth defect in it and it was growing into my knee which was why I was having so many recurrent knee problems through out my life. So he shaved all that away and then cleaned the knee out and that was that. I am not entirely sure on everything he did but I have to go back and see him in a few weeks and will discuss it more with him then.

So for now I have a massive bandage around my knee which can come off in the next 24 hours and have some good painkillers. it will take about 10 days before I am pain free and maybe 2 weeks to be able to walk semi normally on it again.

when I am feelign more human and less stressed I will upload the photos I have. I have one from in the surgery and then a few from before and after but I jsut need to get my head together jsut now.

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