Surgery here we come!!!

I have jsut got back from a very long afternoon at the orthopeadic clinic. I saw the surgeon and my knee is locked. I need to have urgent surgery on it. I need to go in for an arthroscopy and have the cartilege removed from it as I have a bucket tear which is in the joint somewhere.

If  was to wait on the NHS an urgent op would not be for another few months. So my Dad has taken the option to have the surgery done privatly because of my university but also because my chest is very ggod jsut now which means a GA is not too risky. So I am going in on the 20th decemeber to have the operation and should be out that day as I am first on the list!!!

I am terrified at the thought of it as I can walk around on it, but it is painful. The problem is that I can not straighten it out so i need the surgery. But at least we know what is going on.

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